batch 2 -S&M- 6mm & 7mm


This batch of ten round beads features a range of leaves and flowers that I picked and dried. Five of them are 7mm and in the -M- category. Five of them are 6mm and in the -S- category. You can see more information about the size and how to take care of resin on my About page. The five smaller beads retail at $20 each, the five medium beads retail for $25 each. Wholesale price on this batch is $15 each, so you would be making a profit of $75 off this batch when sold. Or maybe you just want to keep them all for yourself! Totally your call. But if your intention is to sell them, I do ask everyone to sell them at the retail price only.

Image of batch 1 -S&M- 6mm & 7mm
batch 1 -S&M- 6mm & 7mm
Image of batch 3 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
batch 3 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
Image of batch 4 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
batch 4 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
Image of batch 5 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
batch 5 -M&L&XL- 7mm-10mm
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