This work is telling a story, weaving it's way amongst your hair, intertwining with your own story. My intention is to celebrate life and death and everything inbetween through symbolism. As the months go by I forage the Appalachian mountains for inspiration. The many forms of my earthen muse. 

The resin work has been a lovely new passion that I'm so excited to share with all of you. Everything has been made by hand from start to finish with a lot of care. I've spent a lot of time over the past year perfecting my craft, so I may have something really special to offer you. I strive for glass-like clarity in the resin, so the beauty of your hair shines through, visually intertwining with nature.

The resin I use has been stress tested in sun, water, and oils, resulting in the most wearable biodegradable resin on the market. Resin is a great alternative to glass because it's lighter and wont break as easily.

The plants I include are foraged by me, and dried in various ways. Butterflies I use in my work are carefully sourced from ethical conservations around the US only.

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